Off to a Good Start!

It has been awesome to see the reaction from everyone so far that has seen the show. We have worked so hard over the last year to put together something that truly is different and shows off the true camaraderie and style of hunting down South. Its all about the fun times and chasing some of the toughest critters in the country. So many people can relate to that and it has been incredible to get the feedback from everyone.

Now its getting close to time to get some cameras out on the feeders and see what kind of development the bucks around here have been under. Hopefully we can locate some good ones to make stars of the show for season 2!

I have been really busy on the tournament front lately too. Ive made some changes to my setup that seem to have really taken my game up another notch. Really excited to see if it pays off with the last shoots of the year. Im getting ready for Buckmasters next weekend which is my favorite tournament of all. Hope I can finish one spot better than last year and get the win but I know it will be tough shooting against a bunch of great guys! Then the next weekend Ill be at the ASA Classic hoping to finish the year strong on the 3D tour. Then, its all about dove season and waiting for Fall to get here!

Hope y’all are enjoying the new website here for Down South! Spread the word if you don’t mind! Thanks so much to everyone for everything!

Take Care,