Almost Fall!

The mornings are surprisingly cool for late August here in South Alabama and that only increases the excitement I feel for Fall to get here!  My two favorite things are in the Fall, no surprise, hunting and football!  I am so excited to see how a new property I picked up this last year is going to turn out!  Im getting some feeders ready today to transition them from protein to corn.  That is one thing that is so awesome about the Boss Buck Feeders that I am using now.  Ive got plenty of cameras out trying to get an inventory of the deer and bucks that are on my places.  Unfortunately, I am seeing way to many hogs on there.  Im using the Covert 3G series of cameras and those actually email the pictures to my phone!  That is so cool to be able to see within a minute what is actually in front of the camera.  That is going to be a huge asset once hunting season gets here!
Hope everyone is doing well and as excited for Fall as I am!
Take care.