Feel The Burn!

I’m not in anyway talking about Bernie Sanders the socialist, but more about “controlled burns” and other prep for turkey season 2016! Haha.
It is almost here.  The time us Southern hunters probably look forward to the most.  Turkey season is a time that we enjoy hearing a bird gobble and hanging out with buddies on some beautiful Spring mornings.  There is just something about standing in the pines before daylight and hearing that owl hoot and then finally hearing that long beard gobble.
Around here we do a lot of prep for turkey season to make sure all the work is done and its all about play.  A lot of what we do is control burning certain properties, discing parts of food plots to give the hens a place to dust and making sure the Bad Boy Buggy is as quiet as possible.  Another task is breaking out all the decoys and equipment from last year and making sure everything is clean and ready to roll.
I carry a box in the back of my truck with a ton of extra equipment that may be needed such as:  more HeviShot Magnum Blend shells, spotting scope, turkey fan, fold up blind for bowhunting on the run, snacks (cause a fatboy can’t go hungry!), waters, paper towels, extra decoy stakes, etc.
Doing a little bit of prep for whatever may come up makes the hunts more enjoyable when you have everything you may need in a particular circumstance.
Y’all have fun this Spring and good luck with the ol timber roosters!