Never too late for snakes

Fall is upon us and we’ve been chasing some deer here and there. No big buck sightings yet as we are still early in the season here and the big bucks are still way back in woods and moving at night. Something that has been moving good lately are the snakes! We had a run in with this timber rattler while searching for another spot to hand one of our Advanced Treestands. Lucky for me I still had the Mathews on the buggy and was able to take care of that snake. On the hunting side, we have some good cold weather coming in now which should help us a lot. Our new lease is loaded with deer and we’ve already got one great doe kill on camera. We’ve also got the entire place covered with Covert Trail Cams and a few Boss Buck Feeders as well. Hopefully, the next time I check in I’ll have a nice pic of a buck to show y’all. Good luck out there everyone and make sure you wear your Hunter Safety System.