Summer has definitely gotten here with the high temps and afternoon storms here lately in South Alabama.
Ive been real busy with my archery stuff, having gone to shoots the last three weekends from Gainesville, FL to Bloomington, IN.  Its been a busy traveling time.  Results have been mixed but it has been a ton of fun competing and continuing to work on my archery game.
Around home, we have been getting summer plots in the ground.  Mainly planting some Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover and Power Plant.  We have also been putting out some Monster Meal Mineral Blocks and some Whitetail Institute Cutting Edge mineral sites.  Im really looking forward to seeing how the horns are coming along one some of the bucks that I let go last year.  Hunting around here for trophy whitetails is actually getting better and better.  Im sure all the summer work we have been doing has been contributing to that in some part.  I still want another crack at the big 7 that I was after all last Fall.  I hope he makes it through the summer stress and gives me another chance to run into him.
July will start season 2 of Down South and I am really looking forward to everyone seeing the new set of shows.  The style is just slightly different from season 1 as there is more action and back and forth in the field and a little bit less from outside of the woods.  It was a great Fall and Spring, so we have a ton of footage we want to make sure everyone sees.  Also, its really important to me to show that you don’t have to travel to the Midwest to get a great deer hunt, even though it is a lot of fun up there with a higher top end of rack size.
Hope everyone has had a great summer so far and look for more updates, more often here as we move into the end of summer.
Be good.