Taking Inventory with Trail Cameras

In the South, the bucks are still in velvet and on a Summer pattern, but this is a great time to take inventory of potential volunteers on your hunting club or property for this Fall. I have been using the Covert 3G cameras this year and I absolutely love them.  These cameras send the picture directly to your phone via email or text message.  This is crucially important to me because I can stay out of the area and not disturb the deer to try to keep them on a somewhat daytime pattern.  Around here, it seems like one little disturbance takes these bucks into a nocturnal pattern immediately!
How I setup my cameras during September in the Deep South:
I obtained an 800 acre lease this year and it will be my first Fall hunting on the property so, I am really wanting to see what all is there.  I setup six Boss Buck feeders on the property in main locations to try to attract more game to the center parts of the property.  I have a camera on each of these feeders.  Sometimes, here in the South, it seems that bucks are wary of a new feeder in the area and it may take up to a year for them to become comfortable enough with it to walk right up to it and get their picture taken.  In that case, Ill take a 50 pound bag of corn and spread it out on a location that seems close to some thick cover where I suspect bucks may be bedding.  The bucks seem much more comfortable at times eating corn straight off the ground vs under a feeder until they get used to the feeders.  I run cameras on each location.  Does and hogs come right up to the feeder no problem as you can see in the pictures.
Between the feeder locations and the corn spread on ground locations, I can start to get an inventory of the bucks, does and hogs in my area.  From there, I try to keep track of them throughout the transition to Fall.
Good luck to everyone out there checking cameras this month and I hope y’all have ol’ big boy posing for you!
Take care.