Summer has definitely gotten here with the high temps and afternoon storms here lately in South Alabama.
Ive been real busy with my archery stuff, having gone to shoots the last three weekends from Gainesville, FL to Bloomington, IN.  Its been a busy traveling time.  Results have been mixed but it has been a ton of fun competing and continuing to work on my archery game.
Around home, we have been getting summer plots in the ground.  Mainly planting some Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover and Power Plant.  We have also been putting out some Monster Meal Mineral Blocks and some Whitetail Institute Cutting Edge mineral sites.  Im really looking forward to seeing how the horns are coming along one some of the bucks that I let go last year.  Hunting around here for trophy whitetails is actually getting better and better.  Im sure all the summer work we have been doing has been contributing to that in some part.  I still want another crack at the big 7 that I was after all last Fall.  I hope he makes it through the summer stress and gives me another chance to run into him.
July will start season 2 of Down South and I am really looking forward to everyone seeing the new set of shows.  The style is just slightly different from season 1 as there is more action and back and forth in the field and a little bit less from outside of the woods.  It was a great Fall and Spring, so we have a ton of footage we want to make sure everyone sees.  Also, its really important to me to show that you don’t have to travel to the Midwest to get a great deer hunt, even though it is a lot of fun up there with a higher top end of rack size.
Hope everyone has had a great summer so far and look for more updates, more often here as we move into the end of summer.
Be good.

Feel The Burn!

I’m not in anyway talking about Bernie Sanders the socialist, but more about “controlled burns” and other prep for turkey season 2016! Haha.
It is almost here.  The time us Southern hunters probably look forward to the most.  Turkey season is a time that we enjoy hearing a bird gobble and hanging out with buddies on some beautiful Spring mornings.  There is just something about standing in the pines before daylight and hearing that owl hoot and then finally hearing that long beard gobble.
Around here we do a lot of prep for turkey season to make sure all the work is done and its all about play.  A lot of what we do is control burning certain properties, discing parts of food plots to give the hens a place to dust and making sure the Bad Boy Buggy is as quiet as possible.  Another task is breaking out all the decoys and equipment from last year and making sure everything is clean and ready to roll.
I carry a box in the back of my truck with a ton of extra equipment that may be needed such as:  more HeviShot Magnum Blend shells, spotting scope, turkey fan, fold up blind for bowhunting on the run, snacks (cause a fatboy can’t go hungry!), waters, paper towels, extra decoy stakes, etc.
Doing a little bit of prep for whatever may come up makes the hunts more enjoyable when you have everything you may need in a particular circumstance.
Y’all have fun this Spring and good luck with the ol timber roosters!

Never too late for snakes

Fall is upon us and we’ve been chasing some deer here and there. No big buck sightings yet as we are still early in the season here and the big bucks are still way back in woods and moving at night. Something that has been moving good lately are the snakes! We had a run in with this timber rattler while searching for another spot to hand one of our Advanced Treestands. Lucky for me I still had the Mathews on the buggy and was able to take care of that snake. On the hunting side, we have some good cold weather coming in now which should help us a lot. Our new lease is loaded with deer and we’ve already got one great doe kill on camera. We’ve also got the entire place covered with Covert Trail Cams and a few Boss Buck Feeders as well. Hopefully, the next time I check in I’ll have a nice pic of a buck to show y’all. Good luck out there everyone and make sure you wear your Hunter Safety System.


Shooter Fuel teams up with Down South

Down South is proud to announce a new partnership with our friends at Shooter Fuel, the first drink by athletes designed specifically for shooters. The new partnership not only includes Shooter Fuel in the hit outdoor series Down South currently airing Thursdays 7:30p Eastern on The Sportsman Channel, but partners up with Justin on the pro archery tours as well. Shooter Fuel is reinventing the concept of an energy drink as whole. Most energy drinks are about just that, energy. But Shooter Fuel takes an all-inclusive scientific approach that keeps the shooter and their accuracy in mind. So you get more than just a caffeine free energy boost, you get a ton of vitamins and minerals to support everything from vision and hydration to increased focus and stamina all in a very health conscious way. Besides all that, it actually tastes good! Which we all know is uncommon with virtually every energy drink out there today. To learn more about Shooter Fuel, check out

Taking Inventory with Trail Cameras

In the South, the bucks are still in velvet and on a Summer pattern, but this is a great time to take inventory of potential volunteers on your hunting club or property for this Fall. I have been using the Covert 3G cameras this year and I absolutely love them.  These cameras send the picture directly to your phone via email or text message.  This is crucially important to me because I can stay out of the area and not disturb the deer to try to keep them on a somewhat daytime pattern.  Around here, it seems like one little disturbance takes these bucks into a nocturnal pattern immediately!
How I setup my cameras during September in the Deep South:
I obtained an 800 acre lease this year and it will be my first Fall hunting on the property so, I am really wanting to see what all is there.  I setup six Boss Buck feeders on the property in main locations to try to attract more game to the center parts of the property.  I have a camera on each of these feeders.  Sometimes, here in the South, it seems that bucks are wary of a new feeder in the area and it may take up to a year for them to become comfortable enough with it to walk right up to it and get their picture taken.  In that case, Ill take a 50 pound bag of corn and spread it out on a location that seems close to some thick cover where I suspect bucks may be bedding.  The bucks seem much more comfortable at times eating corn straight off the ground vs under a feeder until they get used to the feeders.  I run cameras on each location.  Does and hogs come right up to the feeder no problem as you can see in the pictures.
Between the feeder locations and the corn spread on ground locations, I can start to get an inventory of the bucks, does and hogs in my area.  From there, I try to keep track of them throughout the transition to Fall.
Good luck to everyone out there checking cameras this month and I hope y’all have ol’ big boy posing for you!
Take care.

Almost Fall!

The mornings are surprisingly cool for late August here in South Alabama and that only increases the excitement I feel for Fall to get here!  My two favorite things are in the Fall, no surprise, hunting and football!  I am so excited to see how a new property I picked up this last year is going to turn out!  Im getting some feeders ready today to transition them from protein to corn.  That is one thing that is so awesome about the Boss Buck Feeders that I am using now.  Ive got plenty of cameras out trying to get an inventory of the deer and bucks that are on my places.  Unfortunately, I am seeing way to many hogs on there.  Im using the Covert 3G series of cameras and those actually email the pictures to my phone!  That is so cool to be able to see within a minute what is actually in front of the camera.  That is going to be a huge asset once hunting season gets here!
Hope everyone is doing well and as excited for Fall as I am!
Take care.

Off to a Good Start!

It has been awesome to see the reaction from everyone so far that has seen the show. We have worked so hard over the last year to put together something that truly is different and shows off the true camaraderie and style of hunting down South. Its all about the fun times and chasing some of the toughest critters in the country. So many people can relate to that and it has been incredible to get the feedback from everyone.

Now its getting close to time to get some cameras out on the feeders and see what kind of development the bucks around here have been under. Hopefully we can locate some good ones to make stars of the show for season 2!

I have been really busy on the tournament front lately too. Ive made some changes to my setup that seem to have really taken my game up another notch. Really excited to see if it pays off with the last shoots of the year. Im getting ready for Buckmasters next weekend which is my favorite tournament of all. Hope I can finish one spot better than last year and get the win but I know it will be tough shooting against a bunch of great guys! Then the next weekend Ill be at the ASA Classic hoping to finish the year strong on the 3D tour. Then, its all about dove season and waiting for Fall to get here!

Hope y’all are enjoying the new website here for Down South! Spread the word if you don’t mind! Thanks so much to everyone for everything!

Take Care,


Down South launches July 2015 on The Sportsman Channel

The all new reality hunting TV series Down South premieres on Sportsman Channel July 2015. The series follows Justin Martin and his friends as they hunt some of the most beautiful and remote areas across the South Eastern U.S.. Down South features hunts and adventures of all sorts and includes some hilarious moments and situations along the way. This group of Southerners chases critters through pine plantations, swamplands and fields all over the South while making memories with family and friends. Whitetails, hogs, dove, turkey, snakes, bow fishing and more! If it can be hunted in the South, these boys get after it. It’s all about exciting hunts, awesome adventures, beautiful places and good times with great friends Down South.